Fascination with Street Photography

I never get tired of street photography.  If I had to summarize and was asked to pick just one genre (if there is such a thing), that intrigues me the most — I would pick street photography.  I have always awed and appreciated the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Walker Evans, and Gary Winogrand.  The lovely moments they captured for proverbial eternity — boxes up culture, flavor, and rides of emotion and feelings.  Just like a good poem keep talking to me at different levels as I grow and mature, their photos speak to me in a similar  way.  Another dimension that comes to light — more so because of the specific medium of photography –more precisely, street photography.  And that is – it is damn hard!  HCB has said that luck plays a big part. While I agree that being in Washington, DC is different for this kind of work is not same as being in NYC or Paris or London or some city in Asia.   But the fact is the photographer matters.  More than the camera he is carrying — albeit all the ravings and musings on using a Leica rangefinder (I use one these days too).  But again it is not so much about the camera but the eye and “sting” of the photographer.  Else, how come HCB has gone around the world taking pictures.  I strive to mater the art of capturing the “decisive moment”.  I say this again it is hard.  But it is rewarding.  I have just started to scratch the surface and I realize how great the opportunities for improvement are.  As if there is a whole ocean to cross and I have just started wading the waters — not even swimming.  Looking at the pictures of greats are by itself – humbling.  Every time I start loitering in a street corner, I wonder how much it would take to create a body of work – that speaks of my style and tells a narrative.  I wonder.  My journey has just begun.  Here are my first baby steps.