Fire in Greenwich Village

In New York, a surprise is often awaiting just around the corner. Walking up Broadway in Greenwich village from Houston St on my way to Union Square, I notice a speck of dark clouds over the Grace church. It can’t be rain clouds, I thought, and soon the noise of fire trucks made things clear. I rushed to the place of action where fire broke out in a restaurant in the first floor when a boiler exhaust in the 5th floor exploded. According to a cook who witnessed the fire explained it to me. “I heard a boom and flames gushed into the kitchen.” NYPD was in action quickly. Over 2 hours of battle with smoke and fire ensued. The Chief giving directions. Water hoses, hydrants, axes, etc were all in use. More than 10 trucks were present in the scene. Neighbors were obviously anxious, while passers by were capturing the action in their iPhone.  No one was hurt or even close to any form of injury as far as I could tell. Overall a New York moment for me. Some drama, some action. Glad I was able to make some pictures.