Update: Moved to NYC

In my journey of life, I have now moved to my next stop – New York City. Time will only tell how long I will be here. New York is one of the best places with photo opportunities, if not the best, so I am very delighted indeed. It is a strange dichotomy, however. Opportunities and scarcity can both be advantages when it comes to art and creativity depending on how one uses it. Some say actual creativity comes from constraints forcing one to reach out beyond the norms of regular thinking. I continue my quest to document my life around me …  what interests me and then express in my the way I see it. In short, discover through the camera who I am and share it along. I would rather have all these opportunities to try out different subject, different elements, style, talk to different people, meet different photographers, explore other people’s work in books and museums, and so on and so forth.